Polyurethane manufacturing and repair services.

Assistance program for companies regarding the use of polyurethane or rubber articles in various sectors.


    Renovation advantages: choice and use of better and up-to-date polyurethane materials in comparison to original, as well as effective resource economy.

'    Poliprodest Ltd. offers assistance to improve or develop new or existing projects - Equipments and goods:

  • engineering technical calculations,

  • development of goods, junctions and profiles,

  • mould designs,

  • production of prototypes of goods and articles,

  • development of projects according to goods, articles.

For more information on characteristics and uses of polyurethane, please contact project manager:

Andrejs Šveisbergs, +371 29214144 andrejs@poliprodest.com


Polyurethane Materials Technical Data HPU 151 .PDF

Heavy machinery wheels repair

Snow groomers “sprockets” repair

  • aluminium alloy sprocket body and teeth repair,
  • polyurethane coating of 55°ShD hardness repair,
  • production of new sprockets using only polyurethane components,
  • for tractor sprockets, retrac for all types of polyurethane or with its coating.

Various semi-finished products of polyurethane:

  • for gaskets of hydraulic structures,
  • for axle-boxes,
  • for couplings.


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