Poliprodest gives another chance

Restoration of large machinery wheels

A sustainable tire retreading solution.

We carry out tire retreading with polyurethane. This approach ensures cost reduction and longevity of the restored part.

Restoration of the rear wheels of agricultural tractors with a new polyurethane layer.

Example: The rear tractor wheel was significantly worn out. The old polyurethane layer was removed, and a new one was applied instead.

Result: The restored wheel is expected to operate effectively for the next four seasons.


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A farm decided to restore tractor wheels that were initially slated for disposal, as there were doubts as to the restoration feasibility.

The old layer was removed, and a mould was created for casting the wheel with a pattern to prevent the elastic track chain slippage. Polyurethane was poured into the mould, followed by its polymerisation, refinement of the wheel cover shape, and edge treatment.

Result: A satisfied customer – seven years have passed, and the wheels are still working.